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Glyn Johnson
Born in Mississippi
39 years
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John Hall
I only found out about this today when I realized I'd lost touch with Glyn for a couple years after I moved to Colorado, and I just thought to look him up.  I am still in shock.  I don't know much else to add right now, but I will say that no matter what, that guy always had the biggest smile on his face even in the toughest situations, and always the ability and willingness to throw you some lighthearted banter as if to keep his (and your) head up with the confidence of everything getting better - he honestly believed it eventually would, and he was usually right. 

He was good, and I'll miss him.

John Hall
Breckenridge, CO
Angela Purdy
I will never forget his 1000th the neud at the Zoo.....That was Glyn....full of life and a great awesome guy!!!
Angela Purdy Bramlett
Glyn introduced me to Zoo City and skydiving....He was the best friend of a guy I dated, and we ended up being friends/dating....The last time I saw him was at the Zoo...back in 1998....Great guy with lot's of guts and not afraid of anything....Fly high Glyn....Godspeed.
Larry McVeay
You had always been there for me friend.  From our adventurous trip at age 15 through the present.  We grew up together, we became roomates, we got into trouble and My Jerry corrected our ways as a father should do.  Ms. Andrea treated me like a son and so did your dad.  But when we were young we didn't understand that they cared so much.  My life has been very empty over the last months, and I have yet to find another friend.  I guess deep inside I still wait for the phone to ring and for us to go on another wild adventure.  I miss you so much.
Crystal Ritch

Glyn was part of my family more or less. Him and Al would play Halo through the early hours of the night. He would come crash on our couch, or floor. Actually anywhere he fell asleep. He would call us at any hour of the night. I can remember having to go get him when his car broke down in Covington, and then towing the hunk of crap of a car (which looked like a yugo), I think it was a Geo back to Gautier. At the time I could've strangled him, but looking back it was so funny. Glyn, never had a silent moment, he was either talking, laughing, or snoring. He would make it sound like my roof would be sucked in at anytime. He could actually clear a room, and laugh the whole time.


Glyn was amazing friend to Al, and I. He was there whenever I needed to plan a suprise birthday party for Al. He would always be there. He was so talented of a pilot & skydiver. I was often amazed someone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Then I would hear all the stories that Glyn told about all the jumpers and the joy he got from it.


We had a special ring tone for when he called, it was the loudest ring tone I could find on Al's phone but we always knew when Glyn was calling.


He would be at the house and in the middle of the night, he would get up and say, "Hey man, I am going to go". I often wondered if he ever slept, but then I would hear the roof almost fall in and know that he was sleeping. Everyday he and Al would talk on the phone, and if Al didn't answer, Glyn would leave a message, "Hey man, call me back", or "Hey man, FAA.....or something about some lawsuit he was working on....or Hey man, I got a ticket....."


Either way Glyn was funny, interesting, and sometimes smelly. I miss him and am sorry for such a huge loss. Al and I miss him so much. I know he's in a great place and will always be in our hearts. My prayers go out to everyone he touched because we all lost a great person in our lives but not in our memories. He will forver be with us.

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