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Glyn Johnson
Born in Mississippi
39 years
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Family Tree
Mike Igo

As quirky as Glyn was, I couldn't help but love him.  A typical phone call from Glyn was:

Mike:  Hello

Glyn:  What's going on?

Mike:  Glyn, why in the world would you be calling me at 11:30 at night?

Glyn:  Did you hear the one about the school teacher and the duck?


That was Glyn.  I would like nothing more than to have him call me with another bad joke.  I wish he was still with us.

Jeff Mangum

I just spent a better part of the day looking at video glyn and I shot of my wife during her tandem jump.  Lots of love and memories from zoo city and grace mississippi. My sons reaction when I said glyn died in that plane crash was "crazy glyn?" I answered yes that is the "one" the memorable one that stands out and will forever be remembered. Something I hope we can all say in the end.

Blue skies

Jeff Mangum and Family

Kevin "Elvis" King
A member of our skydiving family died this weekend. Glyn was a lot of things to many people, but what he was not was NORMAL! Glyn was a tandem master when I first started learning to jump at Emerald Coast Skydiving (Elberta, AL), and later flew his C-182 (I'm sure the same one that the article below mentions) that we all jumped from. Hell, I'm sure I flew with him 20 or 25 times last summer....

Glyn's was off-color, and an interesting pilot. Glen was FAMOUS for telling the worst (and probably the most tasteless you can imagine) jokes, and was known for his spaz-attacks in the pilot seat during the flight to altitude. You hoped he didn't sing. And you hoped the stall horn didn't go off.

But Glyn had a warm heart and always greeted you with a friendly smile. He was laid-back about life and happy to be doing what he was doing, which is a lot for any of us to hope for. His unique personality, appearance, and flying skill will be missed around the DZ. The world is again a little less interesting with his loss.

Blues Skies Glyn, and Black Death,
Tara Bryant

Although I didn't know Glyn for a long time in years, I felt like I'd known him forever. I mean, we talked for hours on end about anything and everything you can imagine and sometimes about nothing! He'd call our house late at night sometimes when we were just about passed out asleep and want to talk for hours. That's fine. I told him I was calling his butt up at 6:30 a.m. when I got our kids up for school! And I did...and I woke his sleepy but out of bed...payback Glyn!   Exactly how much was that cell phone bill of his anyway? I don't think I want to know! 


Glyn was always so kind and warm-hearted and I'm sure he never met a stranger. He always had a smile on his face. He was always friendly, even when you knew his knee was killing him or he was about to fall over from exhaustion. He was a terrific tandem instructor and great with the public, really just an all-around great guy who aimed to please. He gave so many people the awesome experience of jumping out of an airplane and made sure it was the most memorable experience of their lives. He was a pro at it and always got rave reviews.


I wish he were here.

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